Founded in 2012, the International New Media Gallery (INMG) is an online exhibition platform showcasing the latest moving image, photography and digital art. Recent exhibitions have included acclaimed artists such as Thomson & Craighead, Ursula Biemann and Amy Balkin. Run by a team of volunteers, the INMG aims to explore critical ideas, promote politically engaged contemporary art and pioneer new curatorial practices.

Exhibiting art online is part of an experiment into diversifying how visitors experience culture. While internet use is not universal, nor is using the web in of itself a guarantee of visibility, it does enable more sites of encounter. It is also important that audiences are able to access some of the best contemporary artwork outside of the traditional museum or white cube.

The INMG does not, however, simply place new media art on the web devoid of context. The educational framework of our exhibitions is crucial. An extensive catalogue, free to download, accompanies each show. Recent publications have included contributions by writers such as T.J. Demos, Graham Harman and Stephanie Schwartz.

Alongside commissioning excellent writing, the INMG also organises talks, reading groups and screenings both online and offline. Previous events have taken place at Waterside Contemporary (London), Carroll/Fletcher (London), UCL (London), and Sussex University (Brighton).

The conversational aspect of our public programme is extremely important to the INMG. Every exhibition we host encompasses an online discussion space to encourage a dialogue between the visitors and curators. We are keen to learn from our audiences and foster an environment for critical thought and reflection.

This interest in collaboration has informed our participatory project, Collective Curating, which runs exhibitions in a manner somewhat reminiscent of a user generated platform. Shows are crowd-sourced, with ideas and content submitted by the public, so that there is a blurring of roles between artist, audience and curator.

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The INMG is a volunteer-run, non-profit organisation.

All donations go towards comissioning publications and events.